If you have a small business, investing in the proper signage for your field is very important, and The Sign Authority in Wheaton, IL is here to provide you with all your signage needs. When you are just starting a business, budgets can be tight, so you may be asking yourself why you should be spending on sign production, rather than other areas of your company’s development. According to SmallBizTrends.com, here are 5 Reasons Why Business Signs Work and You Should Use Them:

marketing-tips-location-sign  1. Location

Your sign acts as a guidepost for potential new customers by helping people find your brick and mortar location. If your business is in a high traffic area, it is extremely important to have highly visible, professional signage at your location.

marketing-tips-sign-brand2. Brand Promise

Signs should convey the standards of your business, representing your brand in the best way possible. Damaged or hard to read signs detract from this intended effect. It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression. Make sure your impression is impressive!

signs-marketing-tips-special-occasion3. Special Occasions

Your signage can help you use local and community events to attract new customers, by emphasizing your business’ support or participation. Banner frames keep your banner looking good without sagging to the message can be easily read.

marketing-tips-signs-competition4. Competition

Signage is important in high traffic and busy commercial areas because it helps potential customers remember your name above the rest.

signs-tips-marketing-online-offline5. Online-Offline Connection

More and more people find businesses online, and tying together your physical and online presence is very important. You can do this by including a photo of your physical location on your website, and adding your web address to your signage.

Is it time for your new or growing business to invest in new signage? Contact The Sign Authority today for a free, no obligation consultation, at (630)462-9850. We can help your business get the right signage for all its needs.