Illuminated building signs, or any illuminated signs for that matter that are made with LED technology, are forging an energy efficient future. The Sign Authority, located in Wheaton, IL recently fabricated and installed this illuminated building sign for Grace Pointe Church in Naperville, IL. The custom aluminum cabinet has a routed face with a push through acrylic logo, illuminated with LED lights.

Sign technology, specifically with lighted signs has clearly moved forward. In the past, lighted signs used what was then available: incandescent and fluorescent lamps, or neon tubes as light sources, with each, generating challenges for sign makers and the sign buyer. For example, incandescent bulbs were cheap and bright, but used lots of power and burned out in a thousand hours or less. Fluorescent lamps require special circuits and the available sizes can restrict sign design. Neon requires a skilled crafts person with expert knowledge of the gear for processing the required exotic gases, plus fire and glass working skills.

LED lighting has been a game changer in the sign industry. Fabricating a new sign with LED lights can be a bit more expensive up front, but the buyer will save money in the long run because LED lighting is much more energy efficient to use and will last much longer than the other lighting types discussed in this article. We will get calls almost everyday to service an existing sign with the archaic technology of incandescent and fluorescent lamps. We suggest retrofitting the sign with led lighting. Yes, this can be expensive, but if you plan on being in business for more than 2 years, the retrofit will pay for itself.

LED lighting offer sign makers a practical solution for virtually every illumination need, plus low operating costs for their customer, but there are some considerations when designing a LED sign. LED lamps can create a lot of light in a concentrated area, which in turn causes hot spots and shadows. It is essential to consider the placement of the lights in the sign and there is special software that has been developed to help the sign maker with this issue. Make sure you choose an expert to design and fabricate your LED illuminated sign.

If you are thinking of buying a new illuminated sign for your business, or if you have an outdated sign that you would like to retrofit with LED lighting, give us a call today at 630-462-9850 for a free quote.