The Sign Authority, Inc., recently fabricated and installed this stunning corporate logo in the reception area for RPh innovations. The sign was constructed from flat cut acrylic with a brushed aluminum face. Portions of the corporate logo were custom painted to match their corporate colors. RPh innovations understood the importance of a custom corporate logo to display in their lobby, reception area. Why is it important for you to display your corporate logo in your lobby?

It Divulges Your Individuality
Why do cattle ranchers brand their cattle? They do it to mark ownership. Your corporate logo should be like a branding iron to your clients, imprinted on all of your collateral materials and most importantly inside and outside of your office space. Your corporate logo displayed in the lobby or reception area communicates to your customers who you are and what type of service or product you sell. Displaying a well made sign with your corporate logo is of utmost importance.

It is an Invitation for New Customers to Get to Know Your Company
People are drawn to great design and color. Your corporate logo marks your space and adorns the wall to draw interest and pique curiosity for potential customers. Your corporate logo displayed in your office reception area, should be of excellent quality, because after all you are representing yourself with your sign.

Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty means that your logo is recognizable to your potential customers because of the familiar image that reoccurs on your collaterals and signage. A recognizable logo is worth a million words. Every business strives to achieve a corporate logo that can immediately be recognized by existing or potential customers.

If you are looking to display a corporate logo in your lobby or reception area in your office, give us a call at 630-462-9850 or visit our website at to see some of the many ways you can display your corporate logo in the lobby of your office.