Safety and Compliance

We can customize any safety decal for your needs

ADA or American Disabilities Act signage is required in new public buildings or buildings that have been newly renovated. Similar standards apply to buildings that are funded by the federal government. Recreation facilities and outdoor developed areas are also required to have ADA signage for people with disabilities. Visit our ADA signage page on this website or take a look at our FAQ page for more information regarding ADA requirements and signage choices.


Providing highly visible safety/warning signs in roadways and intersections where pedestrians, schoolchildren and bicycles are contending with motorized vehicles is important. Fluorescent yellow green and orange provides improved visibility and attract the attention of motorists sooner than the standard yellow traffic signs.

Fluorescent reflective signs are particularly appropriate for use in areas like school crossings. The reflective signs provide superior visibility and conspicuity by absorbing shortwave daylight and re-emitting the light at longer, more visible wavelengths to create a brighter daytime sign. These unique light emissive properties create a high visual impact that is particularly effective in low light conditions such as dawn, dusk and inclement weather. At night, the prismatic retroreflective materials reflect light from the motorist’s headlights back to the driver, creating superior luminance and visibility.




Rugged large size plastic barricades control traffic with real authority. Perfect for road closures, work zone protection and virtually any traffic or crowd control contingency.

Easy to set up, transport and store, they are available in 6’, 8’ & 10’ lengths. Your choice of Engineer, High Intensity or Diamond grade reflective sheeting on both sides makes them very visible in emergency and crisis situations. Double boards create a most visible sign stand.

Unique I-Beam construction assures extra rigidity and protects the reflective sheeting. The legs are designed to receive flashing lights and can be ballast with sand.