Vending Machine Graphics

Full color custom graphics with a custom made topper for Branded Vending Concepts.

Translucent vinyl graphics to cover the face for cereal vending.


Decals and custom graphics for Jelly Belly candy vending.

Custom designed and mounted graphics and decals for candy vending.

What do junk food, shoes, cars, sunscreen, bikinis, tools, cosmetics, and athletic equipment have in common? You can purchase them in a vending machine! New vending machine designs have been inspired by the vast array of products that can be offered. With extended hours, reduced labor costs, and efficient space use being the typical benefits of vending machines over traditional floor sales, the manufacturers of these machines is growing very quickly.

Custom vending machine graphics are one of our specialties here at The Sign Authority. We provide several different companies with custom graphics for vending machines that they distribute regionally and globally. Each client has different needs, and we can help with site surveys, graphic design and installation. We have created and installed several different types of custom toppers for our client’s vending machines, including custom built illuminated toppers. Illuminated toppers help to attract more attention to the machines and thus increasing sales.

The vending industry has exploded in recent years and in very high demand. Our clients want to stand out from the crowd with custom bright colored graphics and illuminated options. We can customize each machine for each client with a variety of high quality materials.

Vending machines can provide more than just candy and drinks. We have worked with companies that vend cereal, salads, cosmetics and tools. The sky is the limit in vending right now. Companies have developed machines that will vend bikes, clothes, gifts of all sorts, and yes even marijuana.

If you have a new start-up company, or have an existing company in the Chicago area, give us a call and we will provide a free consultation to help you get started. Our custom graphic and topper solutions will help you sell more machines. Our professional installation team will visit you on site to install the graphics. You can even ship your machines to our location for the custom wraps.

Unfortunately, we are unable to show you photos of all the machines we have wrapped due to a confidentiality agreement with our clients. The photos you see here on these pages are just a few examples of vending machine wraps we have done for happy clients.

Full Graphic Wrap on a T-Shirt Vending Machine

T-Shirt vending is becoming more and more popular in malls and other retail locations.

Wall Graphic to Highlight Vending Machine Graphics

A simple red graphic wrap was added to the front of this machine. To make the vending machine stand out, a wall graphic was added.

Library Book Vending

Library book vending machines can be found in malls, bus stations, grocery stores to name a few. The possibilities are endless!