ADA Compliant Signs

ADA signage insures that those with special needs have access to public places. Dealing with ADA (American Disabilities Act) regulations and making sure each of your signs follow the standards can be tricky, but we can help make it easy! Here at The Sign Authority, we produce ADA signage on a regular basis, let us help you.


We are happy to assist our clients in complying to the signage requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Essentially, ADA ensures that those with special needs have access to public places. We’ve studied the law and have determined that, in certain instances, signs alone can bring you closer to compliance. Other times the law may require modifications to your physical plant.

The Sign Authority works with contractors and property management organizations to help them meet the ADA signage requirements for their public buildings. Meeting the ADA requirements insures public safety for tenants, safeguards the organization from potential lawsuits, and insures a possible fine for not having the proper ADA signage for the building.

The location of the signs is very important. Permanent signs should be located at the doorway, so that a visually impaired person can have a location cue. They can also be located at the nearest adjoining wall. Permanent signs should be located at doorways, so that visually challenged persons can have a location cue.

There are some circumstances that may need to be addressed when there are double doors. In that case, if only one door opens, the sign should be placed on the door that does not open. If both doors open, the sign should be placed to the right side of the door or the adjacent wall. If the door swings outward, it should be placed outside the door’s arc.The height of the sign from the floor to the bottom of the sign should be between 48” and 60” with raised letters.

Check out our FAQ Page for more information about ADA signage requirements.