Nothing is more important to a business than making sure every customer knows where to go to get what they need. Directory signs are a simple, yet perfect way of achieving this. Whether it’s a specialty mall directory or a corporate building, we have options to ensure your directory is exactly what you need.

How do people navigate or remember the building they are in? When creating a wayfinding scheme, landmarks, orientation, and navigation need to be considered. When creating a signage system for your building, it is also important to adapt to the building environment and the human expectations for orientation and navigation purposes.

A prominent challenge with these types of signs is that the images or text often change due to updated services or new owners. With our frames the panels can be easily removed and a new panel installed with no hassle. This helps to keep the directories cost effective for any budget. Also, each of our directories includes plastic lens for each panel, guaranteeing that it lasts as long as it needs to.

Directories are fast and simple to install. Our process has the advantage of flexibility in each frame, meaning that they can fit a variety of insert materials. We’re also not just limited to the basic directory sign! Suspended signs, double sided floor directories, engraved wall signs, illuminated floor signs and much more are also available.

Do not underestimate the importance of legible wayfinding and directory signage for your building. People need to understand the symbols and letters on your sign. Legibility can be determined by a variety of things including size of the letters, color/contrast of the text and background the amount of white space and many others. Let The Sign Authority experts help you with the many choices available to meet your budget needs.