Non-Electric Building Signs

If you are looking for an elegant or upscale impression for your business, then we can help.  We offer cast metal, water jet & router cut metal, as well as fabricated metal. Need something more economical?  We also offer formed plastic, laser cut acrylic, and metal laminate on acrylic letters and logos. We offer site survey, design, permitting and installation.

In need of something a bit more simple? We also produce exterior aluminum composite signs with laminated digital prints. These signs are perfect for temporary use or for a rear entrance. The laminated used on the prints ensures that the sign can stand up to the harsh elements.

Whether you choose dimensional letters and logos or just want an inexpensive aluminum sign, we can help you make the right decision to fit your budget. Signs are priced by the size, thickness, material and the quantity you are purchasing. If you want to save money, we can help guide you to find the right material for your sign.

Your sign does not always need to be illuminated. Maybe your business is one that is open during the day and there is no need for your sign to be illuminated at night. Maybe you want gooseneck lighting or already have that on your building. Many historic districts will not allow internally illuminated signs. Check with your local authorities to make sure you understand the restrictions. Need help with that? We work with many cities to understand and educate our clients to the local city ordinances.

We take the hassle out of purchasing your sign with our expert, experienced staff. Not all companies are equal. We want to make sure you have the right sign for your business. There is no shortage of sign companies out there. The Sign Authority is committed to providing you with the right information and explain to you why something works, and how it can impact your profits. We are sign professionals that can demonstrate a commitment to our profession as well as to you you and your business.