Tradeshow Towers,

Arches and Kiosks

When you are looking for a way to draw attention and captivate your audience at a tradeshow, special event, or in a permanent environment, our towers, arches and kiosk choices are bound to impress. Mix and match the displays to create your own unique display and add drama to any interior space.


Cylinder, rectangular and shield-shaped towers come in 12’, 10’ and 8’ heights. Add a monitor mount to maximize the display. Versatile funnels transform any environment through form, fabric and lighting. Formulate Funnels have an hourglass shape, come in 20’m 16’and 12’ heights. They have 8’ diameters at the top and 3.5’ diameters at the bottom. Funnels feature a heavy-duty, wooden base and silver brushed coated truss interior to create a dynamic, towering structure that commands attention. Fabric graphics feature a zipper at the top and a silicone edge at the bottom for easy assembly. Accent LED lights are not included, but can be incorporated to add a glow within the funnel structures. Custom sizes are also available.

Formulate kiosks couple lightweight aluminum tube frames with state-of-the-art printed stretch zipper pillowcase fabric graphics, to create funky and functional multimedia kiosks. Ask us about our many other kiosk and counter display options that will work for you and your budget.

Arches add architecture and design to any event or interior space. Easily create and define a stunning entryway, focal point or stage set at your next tradeshow/event with a stunning arch. Formulate Arches combine pillowcase style stretch fabric graphics with curved aluminum tube frames; these super structures are made in the USA and collapse to a fraction of their size. Custom sizes are also available.

Let us help you stand out at your next event with our quality towers, arches or kiosk displays. We can customize your display, and also help you with graphic design.