Site surveys are done when new work proposed for a sign is needed. The experts at The Sign Authority are sent to gather information for a design or estimate for your signage. A site survey is an important first step to make sure we are creating the right sign and the right location for your needs.

For example, a customer may call with a request for an electrical sign or a monument sign, for outside their building. We offer many types of electrical signs and monument signs, and not all will work for the location. Also, we need to make sure the space proposed is satisfactory for installation. Measurements and photos are taken and then brought back to the office so that a designer can mock the sign up for pricing. This process will also give the client a good idea of what the proposed sign might look like in in the location when they see the pricing.

Interior office signs usually need a site survey as well. Maybe the wall you are proposing the sign to be place on is not the adequate size or the wall material is not suitable for the type of sign you are thinking about. Perhaps there is an obstruction that will cause issues with the install or viewing the sign. It is important for an expert to take a look at the location, and take precise measurements of the location so that you can be assured that your sign will be exactly what you were looking for.